Amity Founder, E. Gene Patrick, has been serving the building construction and oilfield supply sectors for over 50 years and is the industry's leading expert in Western Canada. Over 35 years ago, he founded Amity Insulation Systems Ltd. on the cornerstones of hard work, dependability, and fairness.

As implied by its name, Amity's startup phase was focused on supplying complete mechanical insulation systems. Gene's business design saved customers time and introduced an easy-to-work with, and attentive alternative for the distribution and fabrication of insulation materials aimed at improving process control, reducing costs, and protecting the environment.

Today, Amity Insulation Group Inc. carries on this commitment, while remaining a 100% Canadian-owned and operated family business despite restructuring and consolidation elsewhere in the industry. Our focus on integrity and reliability is demonstrated through our supply of ASTM-certified materials, along with personalized, prompt, and dedicated service offered by a group of individuals who have excelled in their previous work as owners, managers, committee members, contractors, insulators, and trade apprentices. At Amity, we provide the diverse products and modernized service of today's global economy, while remaining true to the idealized vision of a corner store.

Gene Patrick, Founder
E. (Gene) Patrick, Founder
Dana K. Landro, CEO
Dana K. Landro, CEO