Amity Insulation Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Despite restructuring and consolidation elsewhere in the mechanical insulation industry, Amity Insulation, an Alberta-based distributor of insulation, metal and accessories, has remained a one-hundred percent family-owned Canadian business. This year, Amity celebrates 25 years of distributing and fabricating the complete package of high-performance materials for industrial projects of all types.

“Amity’s dedication to family values, and the ideals represented by small business, provides us with a sense of history and accomplishment that makes us proud of our work these past 25 years,” says Amity’s president Dana Landro.

Back in 1985, E. Gene Patrick, one of the industry’s dedicated and long-standing members, founded Amity Insulation Systems Ltd. on the cornerstones of hard-work, dependability, and fairness. The company’s commitment to integrity and reliability is demonstrated through its continual supply of ASTM-certified materials along with personalized, prompt, and dedicated service. General Manager David Landro works closely with Sales & Distribution Coordinator Dean Jeske, and Amity’s key personnel to carry out the company’s commitment to these ideals every day.

“The result of Gene Patrick’s legacy, and the hard work and dedication of everyone at Amity, is a company that offers the up-close, personalized service of a corner store, and the diverse, industrial materials of a modernized global business. In today’s complex world, nothing could be better,” says Dana Landro. “We wish to thank our customers for their loyalty to Amity and the company’s original vision these past 25 years, and we look forward to continuing to support the industry in the years ahead.”