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Adhesives & Tapes

Adhesives & Tapes

Amity is proud to sell a variety of adhesives, sealants and tapes from well-known manufacturers such as Dow Corning, Foster, GE, 3M, Nomex, Protherm and others. These products help provide a longer service life for your equipment, greater resistance to mechanical abuse, superior weathering, and resistance to weather cracking.

Products such as our Protherm Vapour Barrier Mastic protects against atmospheric corrosives, chemical dusts, fumes, fogs, and moisture. The cured coating forms a highly impermeable, durable, and well-bonded finish that withstands tough conditions, making it well suited to insulation projects in the industrial sector.

Amity caulking sealants are also tough and durable, resistant to sunlight and extreme weather, with excellent adhesion, and flexibility. These sealants/adhesives readily bond to many substrates and are supplied in removable, reusable, re-sealable tubes to save time and protect metal, glass, fiberglass, ceramic, and repainted surfaces.

Due to current material supply volatility, Amity Insulation’s online pricing will be temporarily suspended. Please contact your Amity representative to discuss project pricing otherwise day-to-day pricing will apply when placing orders. We appreciate your understanding during this unprecedented time.

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Data Sheets

Adhesive (3M) 3000WT Water Tight Sealant - Data Sheet

Adhesive (3M) High Strength 90 Spray - Data Sheet

Adhesive (Childers) CP 22-24 Mastic - Data Sheet

Adhesive (Childers) CP-97 - Data Sheet

Adhesive (Dow Corning) 732 Multi Purpose Sealant - Data Sheet

Adhesive (Dow Corning) 736 Sealant – Data Sheet

Adhesive (Dow Corning) 786 White Sealant - Data Sheet

Adhesive (Dow Corning) Glazing Sealant – Data Sheet

Adhesive (Foster) 30-16 Anti-Abrasion Coating - Data Sheet

Adhesive (Foster) 95-50 Sealant - Data Sheet

Adhesive (GE) SCS1000 Sealant - Data Sheet

Adhesive (GE) SCS1200 Sealant - Data Sheet

Adhesive (GPA-72) Spindle Sealant - Data Sheet

Adhesive (Loctite) Superflex Red HT RTV Sealant – Data Sheet

Adhesive (Nuflex) 302 High Temp Sealant – Data Sheet

Adhesive (Protherm) Vapour Barrier Mastic - Data Sheet

Adhesive (Thermokote) MW Cement – Data Sheet

Adhesive (Touch n Seal) Foam Kit - Data Sheet

Tape (3M) 437Foil - Data Sheet

Tape (3M) VentureClad Insulation Tapes 1577 Series - Data Sheet

Tape (Lewco) Fiberglass - Data Sheet

Tape (Nomex) Felt - Data Sheet

List Prices

Please contact our office for material pricing


Adhesive (3M) Fire Barrier Watertight Sealant 3000WT - SDS

Adhesive (3M) High Strength 90 Spray - SDS

Adhesive (Childers) CP-22 - SDS

Adhesive (Childers) CP-97 - SDS

Adhesive (Dow Corning) 732 Multipurpose Sealant – SDS

Adhesive (Dow Corning) 736 Sealant – SDS

Adhesive (Dow Corning) 786 White Sealant - SDS

Adhesive (Dow Corning) Glazing Sealant – SDS

Adhesive (Foster) 30-16 Anti-Abrasion Coating - SDS

Adhesive (Foster) 95-50 Sealant - SDS

Adhesive (GE) SCS1009 Sealant - SDS

Adhesive (GE) SCS1200 Sealant - SDS

Adhesive (GPA-72) Spindle Sealant - SDS

Adhesive (Loctite) Superflex Red HT RTV Sealant - SDS

Adhesive (Nuflex) 302 High Temp Sealant – SDS

Adhesive (Protherm) Vapour Barrier Mastic - SDS

Adhesive (Thermokote) Cement – SDS

Adhesive (Touch n Seal) Foam Kit - SDS Part A

Adhesive (Touch n Seal) Foam Kit - SDS Part B

Tape (Lewco) Fiberglass - SDS

Tape (Nomex) Fiber - SDS

Tape (VentureClad) VentureTape 1577CW - SDS


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