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Steam Heating

Steam Heating

Amity is the exclusive distributor of Thermon Steam Heating products and is proud to highlight Thermon as part of its complete line of insulation, metal, and accessories.

At Amity, the distribution of outstanding products like Thermon provides a strong fit with our specialization in high-quality industrial materials suited to thermal insulation applications. “Thermonized” systems provide the kind of predictable operation and straightforward maintenance demanded by process plants, with Steam Heating applications ranging from freeze protection, to maintenance of temperatures close to the temperature of steam itself.

Over 60 years of focused quality manufacturing sets Thermon products apart from others in the industry, and today, Thermon remains the industry's leader in heat tracing technology. Thermon steam heating systems are on the specifications list of most end users due to quality, demonstrated reliability, and low installed cost compared to multiple bare tracers, “light” tracing with spacer blocks, and jacketed systems. This makes Thermon essential to mechanical insulation system applications and their heavy demands.

Due to current material supply volatility, Amity Insulation’s online pricing will be temporarily suspended. Please contact your Amity representative to discuss project pricing otherwise day-to-day pricing will apply when placing orders. We appreciate your understanding during this unprecedented time.

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Data Sheets

Heat Transfer Compound

Steam Heated Bundles

Steam Supply & Return

Steam Supply & Return (Thermon) ThermoTube SL Pre-Insulated Tubing - Data Sheet

Steam Trace

Steam Tracing (Thermon) Channel - Data Sheet

Tank Heating

List Prices

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Heat Transfer Compound (Thermon) EFS-1 - SDS

Heat Transfer Compound (Thermon) Non Hardening - SDS

Heat Transfer Compound (Thermon) Snap Trace - SDS

Heat Transfer Compound (Thermon) T-3 - SDS

Heat Transfer Compound (Thermon) T-75 - SDS

Heat Transfer Compound (Thermon) T-802 - SDS

Heat Transfer Compound (Thermon) T-802B - SDS

Heat Transfer Compound (Thermon) T-802J - SDS

Heat Transfer Compound (Thermon) T-85 - SDS

Heat Transfer Compound (Thermon) T-99 - SDS


Heat Transfer Compound

Heat Transfer Compound (Thermon) Estimating Bill of Materials

Heat Transfer Compound (Thermon) Product Selection Chart

Heat Transfer Compound (Thermon) Installation Procedures

Steam Heated Bundles / Supply & Return

Steam Heated Bundles (Thermon) Polymeric Jacket Considerations (ATP & TPU)

Steam Heated Bundles (Thermon) TubeTrace and ThermoTube Accessories

Steam Heated Bundles (Thermon) Tubing Introduction

Steam Trace

Steam Trace (Thermon) Design Guide

Steam Trace (Thermon) SafeTrace and ThermoTube Accessories

Steam Trace (Thermon) SafeTrace Brochure

Steam Trace (Thermon) SafeTrace Installation Procedures

Steam Trace (Thermon) Specification Guide

Steam Trace (Thermon) Overview

Steam Trace (Thermon) TubeTrace Legend

Tank Heating

Tank Heating (Thermon) HeetSheet Installation Procedures

Tank Heating (Thermon) Tank and Vessel Characteristics


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