Amity supports Canada’s leading authorities on building construction supply and materials, including the Thermal Insulation Association of Canada (TIAC), and the Thermal Insulation Association of Alberta (TIAA). Amity also supports the National Insulation Association (NIA), the World Insulation & Acoustic Congress (WIACO), and the International Standards Organization (ASTM).

Thermal Insulation Association of Alberta (TIAA)
Amity relies on TIAA for its dedicated promotion of cooperation amongst members of Alberta’s mechanical insulation industry through advertising, networking, events and awareness programs. TIAA also promotes technical and general industry knowledge through its commitment to technical specifications for insulating materials, and training initiatives like scholarships, seminars, and awards for journeyman and apprenticing insulators. TIAA extends its benefits to Alberta’s mechanical insulation contractors, distributors, and manufacturers alike.

Thermal Insulation Association of Canada (TIAC)
TIAC successfully brings together contractors, distributors, and manufacturers from across Canada to manage awareness and initiatives for the country’s mechanical insulation industry. From provincial association updates, annual conventions and networking opportunities, to economic updates, and details on industry-related legislation, TIAC lends members like Amity the resources they need to stay on top of construction trends, quality assurance, energy and cost savings, maintenance, safety, and other issues. TIAC’s relevance extends outside the industry to influence engineers, specification writers, government, unions, and technical schools across the country.

National Insulation Association (NIA)
NIA is a formidable source of mechanical insulation system expertise for companies like Amity. It has applied this expertise to the comprehensive development of a mechanical insulation system design guide and energy appraisal program, while also providing training opportunities for its members and supplying the industry with useful tools like industry apps and pricing calculators. NIA accomplishes all of this while producing leading publications and resources, and organizing events that attract contractors, distributors, and manufacturers from North America and around the world.

International Standards Organization
The former American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM, is a world leader in the development of international standards for products worldwide, delivering test methods, specifications, guides, publications, and practices to international markets. Over 30,000 technical experts and business professionals from more than 150 countries represent the membership of ASTM and contribute to the 12,000 standards used worldwide to ensure quality, safety, and reliability, while building the confidence of consumers, and facilitating trade. Amity is proud to maintain an ongoing membership in support of ASTM.

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David Landro
David Landro shows support for key industry organizations by staying closely attuned to industry news and events

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