Amity makes the tools you need to supply your mechanical insulation projects, and they are available at the click of a mouse. By navigating our online resources, you can instantly obtain data sheets and SDS; list and discounted pricing on insulation, metal, and accessories; reference definitions on key industry terms; and prompt answers to your questions on thermal insulation systems and the insulation industry.

Data sheets at Amity are a crucial part of this resource kit, covering the broad spectrum of components that make up thermal insulation systems and supply. Instant access to Amity’s SDS online is also beneficial as it provides you with critical safety information on our industrial products the moment it is needed. Amity’s list pricing includes the quick calculator you need to factor in your trade discount for preferred pricing on the insulation, metal, and accessories, while our convenient links page provides automatic access to key areas of interest for the industry and marketplace in Canada. Make sure to take a look at our FAQ and glossary while visiting our website, as they have been tailored specifically to meet your information needs.

Contact our office at Amity with your requests for additional online resources geared toward your project needs. Our staff will work to respond to your suggestions and incorporate whatever we can to make your work go more smoothly.

Find up-to-date data on insulation, metal, and accessory products supplied by Amity Insulation. Read online or download the latest information for your industrial project work.

Amity’s up-to-date SDS for insulation, metal, and accessories is made readily accessible as part of our emphasis on product stewardship and safety.

Definitions related to industrial project work, mechanical insulation systems, and insulation, metal, and accessory products. Suggestions for added glossary items are welcome.

Access Amity’s competitive pricing easily by clicking whenever you need to evaluate industrial work or quote upcoming thermal insulation system projects.

Learn more about Amity’s industry, market, and the industrial materials it supplies, and the organizations we support, by accessing our list of suggested links.

Review technical data on select insulation, metal, and accessory products supplied by Amity Insulation. Read online or download the latest information.


Search here to find answers to questions on our company, thermal insulation systems, the products and services we supply, and the industry we serve.

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The Powerblanket safeguards essential equipment and fluids, shielding them from freezing or overheating. It effectively averts project delays and extra expenses linked to unfavorable conditions by ensuring complete temperature management. From freeze protection to process heating, Powerblanket has you covered.

Spacer Wrap PTFE

Spacer Wrap PTFE allows you to establish a non-contact insulation system by creating a unified and consistent air gap between the insulation and the process pipe. This system separates the insulation system (a common source of water infiltration) and the process pipe. The air gap prevents any moisture ingress from coming into direct contact with the pipe. The Spacer Wrap works with all types of insulation and in various applications.


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