Steam Heating

Thermon’s high-quality steam tracing products are distributed exclusively by Amity.

Amity Insulation is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Thermon Steam Tracing products and is pleased to highlight Thermon as part of its complete line of insulation, metal, and accessories.

At Amity, the distribution of outstanding products like Thermon fits nicely with our specialization in high-quality industrial materials suited to thermal insulation applications. “Thermonized” systems provide the kind of predictable operation and straightforward maintenance demanded by process plants, with Steam Tracing applications ranging from freeze protection, to maintenance of temperatures close to the temperature of steam itself. Thermon steam tracing systems are on the specifications list of most end users due to their quality, demonstrated reliability, and low installed cost compared to multiple bare tracers, “light” tracing with spacer blocks, and jacketed systems.



As part of its Steam Heating line, Amity is proud to be working with Thermon Canada in supplying the Powerblanket line of products.  This addition to an already high quality product line of Thermon heat transfer and pre-insulated materials is a welcome sight.  Thermon’s cylinder heaters, ground thawing blankets and hot boxes are only a few of the Powerblanket offerings which help overcome the effects of the lovely cold weather we live in.  As always, we aim to keep our client’s operation running smoothly while ensuring equipment remains as efficient as possible.


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Amity’s high temperature insulation is manufactured using the industry’s preferred methods to produce accurate tolerances and superior attributes, before being custom fabricated and distributed by our facilities in Western Canada. As a result of our quality focus, Amity’s thermal insulation aids in installation, and leads to exceptional performance and resistance to mechanical abuse.


Top quality metal supply is sourced for metal products supplied by Amity and its insulation distribution and fabrication facilities in Edmonton, Alberta. Our metal products can be relied upon for effective use in pipe, tank, and vessel applications requiring reliable protection.


Accessories needed to complete your mechanical insulation system requirements are readily available through Amity’s distribution and fabrication facilities in Alberta’s capital region.

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