About Amity

Amity Insulation is located in the heartland of Western Canada’s thriving industrial sector in Edmonton, Alberta’s capital city. Our address is:

14715 – 122 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5L 2W4

Preview Amity’s map and other location details on our COMPANY or CONTACT page.

Amity supplies thermal insulation products, metal, and accessories geared toward building construction and the industrial sector, including energy and oilfield supply. Our PRODUCTS page provides detailed information on materials carried by Amity.

Amity Insulation has been serving the building construction and oilfield supply sectors for close to 38 years and is currently Western Canada’s leading specialist in industrial insulation systems.

For more information on the history of Amity Insulation, visit our COMPANY page.

Amity supports leading authorities on building construction supply and materials:

  • Thermal Insulation Association of Canada (TIAC)
  • Thermal Insulation Association of Alberta (TIAA)
  • National Insulation Association (NIA), US
  • World Insulation & Acoustic Congress (WIACO)
  • International Standards Organization (ASTM)

Amity also supports a wide range of organizations through community and environmental initiatives aimed at improving the conditions in the local community and the world at large.

See Amity’s COMPANY page for more information on the organizations we support.

Amity's products

Amity Insulation supplies industrial projects with applications including standard and heavy-duty construction, oilfield supply, energy and power projects.

Amity’s focal products include mineral wool, calcium silicate, removable blanket, steam tracing and heat transfer products, cellular glass, urethane, and other thermal insulation materials.

Contact our office for details or visit our PRODUCTS page.

Amity is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Lewco Specialty Products, Inc., the industry’s leading removable blanket manufacturer, and Thermon Manufacturing Company, the industry’s leading manufacturer of steam tracing products. Visit our PRODUCTS page for details.

Amity is a leading distributor of fabricated accessories for insulation, including bevels, end caps, gores. Amity’s distribution and fabrication facilities are well stocked to provide the complete range of accessories required to compliment our insulation and metal products.

Visit our PRODUCTS page for more information or contact our office for details.

Amity’ supplies metal fitted with a polysurlyn moisture barrier. Amity’s distribution centre also supplies both painted and polykraft moisture barriers whenever needed.

Any product can be custom fabricated to meet the needs of Amity’s customers. Customers placing orders can consult key staff on our CONTACT page with their detailed product needs.

Yes, Amity makes corrugated sheets and can tailor these to suit the appropriate specifications.

Pre-insulated tubing is provided by Amity on request. Contact us for more information.

Industry associations

TIAC is the Thermal Insulation Association of Canada, the nation’s association for commercial, industrial, and institutional insulation manufacturing, contracting, and distribution. TIAC actively promotes the advancement of the thermal insulation industry through networking, information, standardization, and education.


TIAA is the Thermal Insulation Association of Alberta. TIAA supports the mechanical insulation industry at the provincial level through networking and information sharing. It also promotes education, safety, and awareness through apprenticeships, scholarships, and training programs, as well as specifications work.


Yes, there are similar associations for other parts of Canada:

  • British Columbia (B.C.) Insulation Contractors Association
  • Saskatchewan – Saskatchewan Insulation Contractors Association
  • Manitoba Manitoba Insulation Contractors Association
  • Association d’Isolation du Quebec
Associations provide necessary strength and cohesion within an industry. They also engage regulatory agencies in discussions regarding requirements for insulation in varying environments, including building envelopes and industrial plant sectors. Associations can facilitate energy audits as well, leading to the identification of significant energy cost savings where insulation has previously not been used, or, where it has not been used to the extent appropriate for energy conservation. Associations like TIAA and TIAC provide a forum for discussing these and other topics, and can act as instigators for positive change. A group unified through an association, and provided with the strength of a single voice, has a better chance of drawing attention to important issues like safety, conservation, and productivity. By being a part of our thermal insulation associations, Amity has the opportunity to contribute towards improvements in sectors of the economy where insulation is a factor.


Event meetings occur at a regional level, national level, and international level. Meetings share an important business component, which focuses on information and education, and they also share a social element, which enhances relations through information sharing and networking. Events at the regional level occur within the jurisdiction in which you conduct your business. National and international events take place annually in various locations. Within Canada, national association events provide provincial members with an opportunity to showcase their market.

Yes, TIAA meetings take place each year in May. Visit the TIAA website for updates on meetings and events.

Authorized TIAA members attend the insulation association’s meetings.

Yes. Please see the TIAA website for information and qualifications required for this insulation trades program.

Benefits include opportunities to network with others in the local market and share information about scholarships and apprenticeship programs.

The ability to publicly convey a strong message regarding the importance of energy conservation, safety, and efficiency is a key benefit to association membership. Through its membership, Amity is able to stress the benefits of thermal insulation, and encourage others to work responsibly.

There are three types of business that make up the associations in the insulation industry: contractors, distributors, and manufacturers. Although these groups share the common goal of strengthening the insulation industry, there are unique challenges that each group faces. Coming together collectively through an association allows for a transfer of information that benefits not only members but also companies in other sectors of the economy.

Industry structure

Amity is an insulation supply company that distributes and fabricates the insulation, metal, and accessories required for project work. We can recommend qualified insulation contractors in the local area if needed.
Being an insulator is a well-paying journeyman trade. Once apprentices complete their coursework and related technical and on-the-job training, there is often strong demand for their work. Information on the program can be found by contacting the Northern Alberta or Southern Alberta Institutes of Technology (NAIT, SAIT), or by visiting the TIAA website at

Fort McMurray is one of Alberta’s busiest oil and gas project locations, and, as a result, the need for energy conservation in the area is especially high. Projects in this busy part of the province start with the corporate end user’s engineering and design teams, who contact a group of contractors for estimates on project work. Once the corporate end user choses the contractor that will work on the project, distributors like Amity become involved, carefully sourcing material from select manufacturers and assembling the material orders required by the contractor for project completion. The contractor and end user ultimately work together to ensure the project is operating viably and in an environmentally efficient manner. When the insulation materials arrive on site, the contractor sets about the installation work with the help of qualified insulation trades.

All indicators point to continued activity in the insulation market, particularly in terms of industrial work. However, it is suggested that there will be a continued shortage of skilled workers in the insulation trade and in other trades in high-demand as well.

Amity Insulation provides material for industrial and commercial projects of all sizes.

Pricing & cost management

Price lists are available on Amity’s website under PRODUCTS and in the Resources menu under LIST PRICES. Our price calculator for insulation and construction products appears can help you calculate your exact pricing for the materials you require for your job.

For all other inquiries regarding pricing or discounts, including requests for quotes, please contact Amity directly at 780-454-8558 and ask for our Sales & Distribution Coordinator Dean Jeske.

Our PRODUCTS and LIST PRICES pages contain standard price lists and a price calculator aimed at assisting with cost estimates. However, effective cost management comes from applying the appropriate product and ensuring that it not only meets acceptable industry standards but also is applied in the quantities dictated by your project.

Amity Insulation’s staff is well versed in project costing and has extensive knowledge of the type and quantity of insulation and related materials required for specific jobs.

Contact our office directly at 780-454-8558 and speak with a staff member to find out how your project costs can be managed best.

Safety information

Data sheets are available on our website under PRODUCTS or RESOURCES. You can also contact our staff directly at 780-454-8558 for the product data you need.

Amity’s Safety Coordinator Teresa Pollock and Sales & Distribution Coordinator Dean Jeske are available to address safety-related issues. They can be reached at our office, 780-454-8558.

Service & delivery

Please contact our office at 780-454-8558 to obtain information on supply and lead times.

Please contact our office directly at 780-454-8558 and ask to speak to customers service or sales. Our staff will provide you with the details you need on availability for insulation supplies.

Amity is ready to assist with your requirements and help you manage your needs for thermal insulation system products. Please contact our office at 780-454-8558 and we will do our best to accommodate your needs in the most timely manner possible.

Technical details

Contact Amity directly and ask to speak with our customer service and sales staff. Amity can help you identify the most effective insulation, metal, and accessory products for your job.

Amity recommends using thermal insulation materials which conform to industry standards to reduce energy usage and long-term costs, while minimizing maintenance.

Using the appropriate materials for your project, in the recommended sizes and amounts, will also preserve the integrity of your project while contributing to workplace safety.

On a broader spectrum, use of quality insulation systems applied correctly reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and helps protect our environment.

When properly applied, Amity’s certified products will protect against condensation. Visit our CONTACTS page and ask our sales staff to help identify the best material for your project.

Amity defines mean temperature as the average atmospheric temperature in any locality for a designated period of time, such as a day, month or year.

Visit the GLOSSARY developed by Amity Insulation for an extended definition of mean temperature and other industry-related terminology.

Ambient temperature is defined by Amity as the temperature of the medium, usually air, which surrounds the object under consideration

Visit the GLOSSARY developed by Amity Insulation for an extended definition of ambient temperature and other industry-related terminology.

K-Factor is defined by Amity as the rate of heat flow based on one inch of material used. Amity defines C-Factor as the rate of heat flow for the “actual” thickness of material used.

Visit the GLOSSARY developed by Amity Insulation for an extended definition of K and C Factor.

R-Value is defined by Amity as the overall resistance of a particular system to the flow of heat.

Visit the GLOSSARY developed by Amity Insulation for an extended definition of R-Value.

All FAQs are the property of Amity Insulation Group. Inc.

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The Powerblanket safeguards essential equipment and fluids, shielding them from freezing or overheating. It effectively averts project delays and extra expenses linked to unfavorable conditions by ensuring complete temperature management. From freeze protection to process heating, Powerblanket has you covered.

Spacer Wrap PTFE

Spacer Wrap PTFE allows you to establish a non-contact insulation system by creating a unified and consistent air gap between the insulation and the process pipe. This system separates the insulation system (a common source of water infiltration) and the process pipe. The air gap prevents any moisture ingress from coming into direct contact with the pipe. The Spacer Wrap works with all types of insulation and in various applications.


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