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Amity is proud to sell a variety of adhesives, sealants and tapes from well-known manufacturers such as Dow Corning, Foster, GE, 3M, Nomex, Protherm and others. These products help provide a longer service life for your equipment, greater resistance to mechanical abuse, superior weathering, and resistance to weather cracking.

Products such as our Protherm Vapour Barrier Mastic protects against atmospheric corrosives, chemical dusts, fumes, fogs, and moisture. The cured coating forms a highly impermeable, durable, and well-bonded finish that withstands tough conditions, making it well suited to insulation projects in the industrial sector.

Amity caulking sealants are also tough and durable, resistant to sunlight and extreme weather, with excellent adhesion, and flexibility. These sealants/adhesives readily bond to many substrates and are supplied in removable, reusable, re-sealable tubes to save time and protect metal, glass, fiberglass, ceramic, and repainted surfaces.

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Amity’s high temperature insulation is manufactured using the industry’s preferred methods to produce accurate tolerances and superior attributes, before being custom fabricated and distributed by our facilities in Western Canada. As a result of our quality focus, Amity’s thermal insulation aids in installation, and leads to exceptional performance and resistance to mechanical abuse.


Top quality metal supply is sourced for metal products supplied by Amity and its insulation distribution and fabrication facilities in Edmonton, Alberta. Our metal products can be relied upon for effective use in pipe, tank, and vessel applications requiring reliable protection.

Removable Blankets

Amity is proud to be the approved and recognized Canadian distributor of high temperature textiles and accessories developed by Lewco Specialty Products Inc. Lewco’s acclaimed thermal insulation materials are in constant high demand due to their performance and longevity.

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